ISO 39001 RTS – Road Traffic Safety

BS ISO 39001 road safety sets out the basic requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System. Governments, road authorities, safety groups, and private companies are all eligible to get certified. The need was to develop a safety management standard to control the rising number of people killed or injured on the road each year.

ISO 39001 prescribes the requirements for road traffic safety management best practice, overcoming complacency and improving consistency within and across organizations. It provides guidance to help you design your own road traffic safety framework – allowing you to bring all relevant controls and processes into one management system. The consequences of small negligences on road traffic safety can be tragedy for those involved. ISO 39001 can also be adapted to organizations of all sizes to help them identify threats to road traffic safety and minimize operational risks .The standard is designed to help you implement a best practice framework in your organization – helping you to meet legal, industry and stakeholder requirements and at the same time reducing your impact on communities and the environment.

Who Can Get Certified?

ISO 39001 is designed for public and private organizations that interact with the road traffic system. It can also be used by internal and external parties, to assess an organization’s ability to meet the requirements. ISO 39001 is expected to be particularly relevant to organizations with large numbers of vehicles. These include freight and passenger companies as well as those with large fleets of private vehicles like those used by engineers, sales people or supermarket delivery drivers.. It will also be of interest to organizations that manage road networks.

Benefits of ISO 39001:

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