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In an organization, there are many systems that need to work in tandem with each other. Unless there is a synchronization between all of them, they will not work as a single structure to give you the desired outcomes. Here is the need for an integrated management system. It is a management system the basically combines the different systems and processes that exist in an organization into a framework, thus making it possible to meet different objectives.

The awareness training is a 1 day course that explains every aspect of your organization, their need and how they can work together. This certification teaches you how to align each process in the organization towards a single goal, thus improving the efficiency of the entire organization. The course and certification would explain how an integrated management system needs to be applied to your organization and how they would affect each other. The certification would also help you understand the different risks involved when you are implementing an IMS.

From a management perspective, the awareness training will help you create a single structure or format that will help you achieve your company’s goals more efficiently. This could range from understanding and managing the needs of the employees’, implementing better processes to reduce risk and improve efficiency, keeping track of your competitors’ moves.

The awareness training for an integrated management system would be relevant to any organization independent of its size and sector, as long as the organization is looking to combine two or more of their management systems into a single unit, putting together the policies, documentation, procedures and processes. Organizations with maturing and developing management systems would understand the need for IMS better and can easily implement the benefits gained from the course.

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