Occupational Health & Safety Management System

The ISO 45001 is the international standard for health and safety management system. It shows to clients that Organization is committed to protect employees, visitors, contractors and the general public.

img-ohsasISO 45001 is an approach that allows a business to steadily identify and control its Health and Safety risks, reduce the prospective for accidents and legal issues, and improve overall performance.

This standard is applicable to establishment of any size, but is especially relevant to establishments with a large work force, manual and heavy work tasks, and/or high risk work environments. Aiming the health and safety of employees proves that Organization is working to ensure that operations are safe both for employees and the surrounding environment.

The Benefits of Compliance of ISO 45001 System are

  • Compliance with Health and Safety legislation
  • Reduced risk of accidents and Reducing number of personal injuries
  • Reducing insurance premiums as well as reducing costs due to absence of employees.
  • Improved confidence from customers and stakeholders and Improved access to new customers through better corporate image and reputation

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