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Environment Management System

ISO 14001 is an Environment Management System (EMS), which is a tool to demonstrate that Organization take a serious commitment to protecting the environment and is committed to control the aspects of business that effect the local and wider environment and community.

img-14001ISO 14001 takes a pro-active approach and allows organization to consider environmental issues before they become a problem, rather than reacting to them afterwards.

It  ensure that your organisation has effective measures to prevent pollution,  to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance , to reduce environmental impacts , for  Use of natural resources and Waste  handling, disposal and treatment.

ISO 14001:2004 Certification offers more than just a globally recognised Environment Management System It offers other tangible benefits like:

  • Builds responsiveness of the environment among employees
  • Improved corporate image as environment friendly company
  • Reduce energy consumption, reduces utility bills and waste streams
  • Ensures compliance with environmental legislation
  • Better relationship with Regulators and Removes a hurdle to working with government bodies, local authorities and larger commercial businesses who often prefer their suppliers to be ISO 14001 registered.